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On sale now: Pepsi the Problem Puppy.

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Written by Bassendean writing group member Sandi Parsons, Pepsi the Problem Puppy features fabulous illustrations by WA illustrator Aśka and sage advice from Pepsi Parsons, Canine Story Advisor.

From the moment Pepsi launches into her new household it’s clear that she is disruptive, definitely NOT house-trained and boy can she slobber!

“Pepsi poked her head out. She looked at the last sausage still sitting on the carpet, and licked her lips. In a flash, Pepsi bounced out, grabbed the sausage and scurried backwards into her hidey-hole.

There was a loud slurp.

Then a burp.”

Pepsi’s left a trail of destruction in her wake and Rosie’s mum has had enough.
Will Rosie have to say goodbye to Pepsi?

Retailing at $12.99 copies can be purchased from many online book outlets.

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